Interested in improving the safety, value and effectiveness of specialty drugs while reducing spend?

With InterV CM  and InterV CM+, we improve the care of patients on specialty drugs using our proprietary clinical protocols.  Our solution improves clinical outcomes, adherence and engagement while mitigating untoward events such as adverse effects, intolerance, contraindications, medication errors and clinical ineffectiveness.



InterV CM is designed for customers seeking proactive management and coordination of patients on specialty drugs.  This solution is ideal for customers who want to secure improvements in clinical quality, patient outcomes and cost savings; while having a turnkey solution for quick implementation.

Our InterV CM solution encompasses the following components:

  • Patient and provider data intake and management
  • Patient identification and eligibility
  • Patient consent and enrollment
  • Patient and provider program introduction kits
  • Care management and monitoring (telephonic, mail, mobile, online)
  • Clinical effectiveness determinations
  • Comprehensive reporting package

Customers have additional flexibility in outsourcing InterV CM or integrating desired components in their environment through a licensing model.

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Looking to increase value and create an efficient carve out for clinical management of specialty drugs?  


InterV CM+ is a highly innovative approach to specialty drug management that integrates a clinically enhanced prior authorization (“InterV PA”) with all the features and capabilities of InterV CM. We take current prior authorization to a new level by enhancing the clinical criteria required to optimize approval decisions for specialty drug; including follow up with patients after approval to ensure compliance. Our InterV CM+ solution goes further by integrating InterV PA such that at time of approval, we automatically enroll/engage both the patient and the provider. By doing so, we catch patients early in therapy to better optimize care; including appropriate dosing, side effect management, and patient and provider education.  In addition, many specialty drug authorizations are approved for initial periods and require re-authorizations.  InterV CM+ also integrates clinical data with the InterV PA re-authorization process.  This efficient workflow provides the data needed to support clinical decisions resulting in fast and accurate re-authorization decisions.

Our InterV CM+ solution includes all the components of InterV CM plus the following:

  • Integrated, clinically enhanced prior authorization for specialty drugs ( InterV PA )
  • Integrated re-authorization
  • P&T Committee
  • Pipeline review
  • Plan design support

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Pharmaceutical manufacturers and payers are entering into value-based rebate contracts for specialty drugs.  Under these arrangements the manufacturer typically will rebate all or a portion of dollars spent by payers for drugs shown NOT to be clinically effective for the patient.  To date, determining lack of clinical effectiveness has been very difficult.  Under InterV CM and InterV CM+, we provide the most robust clinical effectiveness determinations for specialty drugs and coordinate any changes to therapy; including discontinuation of a non-clinically effective drug. This same capability and data fully supports a very efficient administration of value-based rebate contracts with manufacturers, further adding to your ROI.

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